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Bagged Subaru Forester SF

Here is an awesome bagged Subaru Forester SF. And it's already almost classic Japanese SUV with many features we were loving many years ago. An which have gone already a few generations ago. We lost this insane and unique exhaust sound, frameless windows, reliable AWD transmission. The legend of Subaru Forester has gone. But, let's take a closer look at this cool Subaru Forester SF with airlift.

This bagged Subaru Forester SF looks like a usual vehicle from 1990. These plastic covers on the doors and bumpers painted in another color than body, are looking so sweet. I don't understand why are manufacturers not making so any more. Probably It could look cool as well if wheels would be painted in the same color. However, wheels are silver and looking great. Air suspension made fitment adjustable. Not this Subaru Forester can just lay on the ground if it's needed. But my favorite modification is 2 sticking out stainless exhaust pipes :-) It looks attractable. But all we understand that it's not slow vehicle...
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