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Stance Subaru WRX STI

Many people associates Subaru Impreza with rally. It's more about even lifted suspension. But here is a cool blue stance Subaru WRX STI 4gen. Sounds a little strange, but stanced Subaru WRX STI looks really cool. And it's still Subaru with symmetrical AWD and other traditional features. Let's look at this stanced rally car in more detail.

Some say that air suspension is not the best for fast driving on the road, or track. Because suspension may be hard. But probably it's not bad for daily driving or... for some rally. Anyway this stance Subaru WRX STI has air suspension. It allows to change fitment on touch. From laying on the ground to a little lifted. Classic Japanese wheels TE37 or clones are looking great here. Splitters with yellow accents add some styling as well. I guess this STI has only one issue. Of course I'm saying for about its huge wing. And probably black trunk lid and hood are excessive as well. Anyway, this STI from Taiwan looks really cool. This is a great pass to all car enthusiast's meetings.
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