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Tesla Model 3 Widebody

Manufacturers usually try to design their electric cars in unusual, modern style. Because on their opinion everybody may understand that this car is electric, clean, friendly to nature. And many manufacturers are making for their hybrids and EVs wheels which can save a little of energy. Aaaaaaaand! Here is electric Tesla Model 3 with widebody kit! Boom! All energy saving plans are destroyed!

I guess this guy is ready to charge his Tesla more often to look more cool. And I may to say that this Model 3 is notable and attracts some attention. As for wide body kit, it’s usual for tuning scene kit. And, holly tomatoes, no rivets!

Beside wide body kit owner used a plan “wheels-fitment”. Off course boring factory wheels were replaced into wider and larger. To make this Tesla lower was installed air bags. Air suspension makes this Model 3 more cool and in the same moment more practice. Looks awesome!

Styling is based on a couple of colors: white body and blacked trim, headlights, taillights, tinted windows. Almost always it works.
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