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Bagged Toyota Camry Hybrid

Who said that hybrid sedan can't be stylish? Even this Camry in body V70 can look cool with right wheels and fitment.

Black Toyota Camry Hybrid with tinted windows, and in the same moment trim is not blacked. Wind shields on side windows look bad, but it's Japan, on their taste it's ok. Wheels are a little wider than it's needed, so suspension needed some modifications they to fit. After this mods wheels fit and due to air bags car can get much lower. Not pure hellaflush, that is popular in Japan too, but not far from it. By the way, rims are finished in black too. Rims are so huge that brake rotors inside look funny. Bad brakes on Toyotas are real legend, but here it else looks... funny. Splitters make look of this hybrid sedan else more aggressive.
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