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Stance Toyota Camry 2019

In some countries, like Ukraine or terorussia, Toyota Camry is considered as a "business class". Large and comfortable sedan. Reliable, not like all these German cars. In all other countries, where this model is present, it's just car for taxi of to bring kids to school.

Anyway, there are a lot of people who love this car and it means that some of owners tune them. As for this black 2019 Toyota Camry, this one was stanced. And I am surprised but this black Camry with tinted windows has silver wheels. Not black like all other. Taillights are not tinted or smocked as well. And it's great because we can see how great looking these rims from Ferrada.

But this project has one really comic thing. And now I am talking about red calipers. WTF??? Every enthusiast knows that Toyota makes simply awful brakes. And Toyota is hated about it last 40 years or even more. Here is needed to install much better brakes but not spray calipers in red :) But looks not bad, some mom will like it :)
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