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Slammed Toyota Celica T23

Here is an awesome black and slammed Toyota Celica in its last generation T23 or T20, ST23, ST230. Call it by your taste. But anyway this Celica from Taiwan looks really cool. Let's look at this Japanese coupe in more detail.

Actually this is an ordinary stance project in meaning that here are present both needed elements. Wheels and fitment. This slammed Toyota Celica T23 got custom made 3-piece wheels with gold centers from BBS and wide polished rims. Wheels look cool, but they are probably R17 and it seams that centers are from R15 wheels. If centers were larger it would look much better. But it is just my own opinion and no more. All we understand that large "webs" are rare enough. Else this slammed Toyota Celica ST23 got air suspension. This solution gave such cool slammed fitment. But owner else installed splitters all around to make silhouette lower. Aftermarket smoked LED taillights are looking well here. Even large sport muffler is a part of that epoch. But I can't say so about bench at the trunk lid. Such spoilers were disputable else 20 years ago. But today they are looking almost comic. Why? Because present stance style means original look, wheels and fitment. Any additional elements can significantly spoil tuning project. You may have an excellent taste not to spoil car. So let's think that this wing is just a historical part for this car. And we appreciate history and cool stories.
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