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Tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Here is a late and fully black Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with some exterior tuning. Here all is black. Body, trim, grill, wheels, headlights inside are black, windows are tinted. Basically, it's more easy to say what is not black. Brake calipers and taillights are red. Some people love such SUV and such styling. I guess a little of chrome or polished aluminum can make exterior of this Land Cruiser better.

This model appeared more than a half century ago as a SUV for all roads. But today it's large and pretty luxury SUV. There are a lot of different tuning parts are available for Toyota Land Cruiser 200, for interior and exterior. But almost nobody thinks that it's a real SUV for all terrains. However this SUV still can drive almost everywhere. If owner is not afraid to damage bumpers, paint, etc...
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