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Stance Toyota Prius 2023 with wide body

Here is an interesting 2023 Toyota Prius with stance and wide body. This is a brand new model and I may to say that it looks pretty. I couldn't say so about previous generations of Prius. It were weird and odd cars. Now Toyota decided to make more traditional design and car looks reasonably. Let's watch this Prius more detailed.

Basically this is almost stock hydrid. There are just 3 mods here. This stance 2023 Toyota Prius has air suspension. It's the best solution to make suspension adjustable and adjust fitment. In bottom position this Prius can almost lay on the road. The second change is a set of new and wide wheels. Wheels have very wide rims. These wheels look awesome, but they stick out. It is outlaw almost everywhere. That's why owner covered wide wheels by plastic fenders. Such pure Japanese solution. It's strange, but these fenders fit this Toyota Prius and such cheap wide body looks great. In all other it is a stock car.
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