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Slammed 2023 Toyota Prius by 326 Power

Here we have an awesome slammed 2023 Toyota Prius by 326 Power. Since production began, tuners have just started exploring the 2023 Prius. We can expect a global surge in aftermarket parts. The lowered 2023 Toyota Prius will likely divide opinions. However, the fifth-generation model’s sharper design makes the lowered suspension particularly striking.

This setup lacks air suspension, so the ride height cannot be adjusted with a button. How do those wheels survive? This slammed 2023 Toyota Prius is a demo car for 326 Power, a Japanese tuner also active in the US. Previously, Mihnea showcased their Testarossa-inspired Toyota 86 widebody kit. Key to lowering the car in its static form are the 326 Power Chakuriki dampers. These height-adjustable coilovers maintain significant travel even when the car is lowered, ensuring ride and handling quality. The 326 Power Ghost wheels, wider than factory arches, are overfender versions. Fully lowered, these wheels' lips barely clear the arches.

Next is the significant negative camber. For race and drift cars, negative camber enhances cornering grip, reduces body roll, and improves steering feel. Yet, this isn't the case here. Negative camber affects straight-line stability, causes uneven tire wear, and decreases acceleration and braking performance. In the stance community, form takes precedence over function. The slammed 2023 Toyota Prius is more about visual impact than practicality. For comparison, the first gallery image shows a stock Prius. The Midnight Black Metallic color of this Prius hides some styling features of the fifth-generation model. However, the four-door coupe silhouette of the new Prius complements this color choice, enhancing the project's appeal.
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