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Slammed Toyota RAV4 XA50

Here is a cool stanced Hybrid SUV from sunny Japan. Yes, here is slammed Toyota RAV4 in actual XA50 generation. This SUV looks great, so I offer to discuss it in more detail.

RAV4 is one of most popular SUV in the world. RAV4 has a whole army of fans and else larger army of people who hates this SUV. And sometimes we can meet RAV4 with some mods on the road. But it's almost impossible to find a qualitative pictures of modified Toyota RAV4. I want to fix it! Japanese tuning can be pretty wild. But this slammed Toyota RAV4 XA50 is tuned in traditional for Europe or America styling. Nothing extra, just simple mods which change exterior and make vehicle better. This Toyota RAV4 got air suspension and cool wheels. This SUV is black and, thanks God, wheels are not black as well. I guess it would spoil everything. Here are tinted windows, so this SUV is black enough even without black wheels. By the way, this is not hellaflush, but wheels on this Toyota RAV4 have some camber. For styling and to put such wide wheels. Else you can see here a few additional tiny mods, but wheels and fitment are the main.
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