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Slammed Toyota RAV4

Here is a cool and slammed Toyota RAV4. Toyota produces mostly ordinary vehicles for comfortable life, but it's possible to make these cars more exciting. And here is an evidence that it's possible. Let's look at this slammed SUV in more detail!

Actually we already have more pictures of this slammed Toyota RAV4 on our site. This SUV got a tiny but effective tunes. Air suspension make possible to adjust a fitment. Else suspension was additionally modified because wheels are installed with a little camber. Wheels are much larger than original from factory. Huge wheels made a ride more hard, but air suspension makes a ride more comfort and soft. So this stanced Toyota RAV4 can have a comfort almost like a stock car, but being on larger wheels. By the way, else here we see a body kit. Side skirts and splitters made a silhouette lower. All together looks really cool!
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