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Stanced Toyota RAV4

Here we have an interesting stanced Toyota RAV4 from Japan. These SUV are popular in all the world, but not on tuning scene. That's why it's a big luck to meet such qualitative tuning of Toyota RAV4. And this RAV4 has many interesting things. So, let's take a closer look at overpriced SUV in more detail ;-)

This SUV has both main modification, every stance project may have. Wheels and fitment are present. Air suspension has made this stanced Toyota RAV4 more comfortable and allowed to adjust a fitment. And this slammed Toyota RAV4 can lay on the ground when it is staying or can cool and not so fast drive almost grounded. It looks really amazing. As for wheels, owner has installed cool 3-piece BBS with black centers and polished outer rims. These European wheels are looking cool at this Japanese SUV as well. But else this Toyota RAV4 has a body kit in a shape or covers all around. These covers are making silhouette a little lower and overall design else more rude. But 4 exhaust pipes on RAV4 are looking funny... And probably this Toyota RAV4 was wrapped into this modern gray color without metallic. Because I don't remember this color from factory.
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