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Tuning Toyota Sequoia

Here is an old-school SUV from Toyota, because this vehicle was produced almost 15 years. Almost without serious changes. So, to make an exterior a little bit more modern and charismatic here were installed front fenders, bumper and headlights from truck Toyota Tundra. And I may to confirm that Sequoia with front end from Tundra looks really better. But behind it is still SUV from 2007.

Else this Sequoia was wrapped or repainted in beige color. Stock wheels were replaced into more modern from Vossen. These wheels fit this SUV and it looks more prepared for off-road. Tinted windows fit beige body like white.

If you don't like a modern SUVs such old Tundras are a great base for some tuning project. But don't think about serious off-roader, it's not Toyota Land Cruiser.
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