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Tuning Toyota Sequoia 2024

Here we have a huge SUV 2024 Toyota Sequoia with some minor exterior tuning. Basically this Sequoia is in near factory condition, but it is just near. I guess the first owner did with this SUV, he replaced boring stock wheels. New wheels are larger and look much better. Else the new wheels are forged. Wheels are finished in black, so they are looking cool with black trim, but often they are almost invisible. And it is a pity because wheels from Vossen are expensive. I am not sure if owner wheels else leave asphalt, but this Sequoia has great tires for offroading. These tires look rude, like front end of this SUV. Even new Ford Explorer looks not so rude now. Some people don't think that tint is a tuning as well. But it is an integral part of exterior tuning. Tint can seriously change our feeling of car's design.
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