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Tuning Toyota Tundra

Here is a brand new 2023 Toyota Tundra with some exterior tuning. This Tundra has a styling similar to brand new Toyota Sequoia and both these models in present generation are looking pretty good. Let's look at this tuned Tundra in more detail.

There is a simple recipe how to make white car more stylish. White body always look cool with tinted windows and some black trim. Owner tinted all windows, including windshield, blacked out badges, mirrors and grills are black as well. Else here are installed cool forged wheels from Vossen. Of course wheels are black as well and I guess it's a mistake. Because often black rims are almost invisible and many people can't rank your choice. There are no complicated tuning here, but this 2023 Toyota Tundra looks much better and unique than stock.
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