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Wrapped Toyota Tundra

Today Toyota offers really cool looking Tundra. And it's first for all history of this model. It was complicated to call previous Tundras pretty. So now you can just make exterior a little better. And it wouldn't cost some fantastic. Your Toyota Tundra can be wrapped like this one blue. Let's watch this truck a little more detailed.

Basically this wrapped Toyota Tundra has else some visible tuning. For example, new cool and forged wheels with more angry tyres, lifted suspension. Anyway almost everybody is seeing only wrapping because who wouldn't note huge sky blue spot on the road. So wrap works even with such vehicles like this Toyota Tundra. And I may to confirm that this Tundra looks really cool. This is a real show stopper. Tinted windows, including windshield, and black roof, trim are looking cool together. But if it was my truck, I wouldn't install dark wheels.
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