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Tuned Toyota GR Yaris

People waited for a cool car from Toyota for so long time, that already nobody believed that it would happen... GT86 is Subaru. New Supra is BMW. And Toyota presented GR Yaris! It's a little miracle because this tiny hatchback is really cool. This car gives people feelings from the past. Lightweight, manual transmission, simple interior. But all this is based at modern technologies and includes AWD, which was rare or almost impossible on such tiny cars. Even not tuned Toyota GR Yaris looks and drives awesome. But this Yaris has a few changes. And the most notable change are new set of wheels and tiny lowering. White wheels on ruby color is not usual. But I may to say that it looks interesting.

Exterior tuning of such cars makes them more cool. But the best tuned Toyota GR Yaris have technical tuning.
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