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Stance Toyota Yaris Mk1

There are around 200 countries in the world and almost everywhere Yaris is not a cool car. It’s just compact old Toyota that still can carry its owner somewhere. But some guy from France really loves his car and built this stanced Yaris 3-door Mk1.

3-door Yaris is more rare than 5-door and is more cool for tuning. Else this tiny Toyota got modern color, still being rare inside… But looks interesting. Further was used classic solution “fitment + wheels”. Yaris got lowered suspension and, let’s be honest, looks great. As for wheels, owner used own unique idea. This Yaris got custom steel wheels. After customizing they are much wider. It’s not so good for speed, because cars with weak engines need lightweight rims to have some dynamic. But here all is made for styling. By the way, these black steel wheels are a good couple with black fenders. Looks fresh and interesting.
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