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Volkswagen Beetle Truck

Manufacturers often use passenger models to build some small commercial models. But original Beetle had an engine in rear end and it was a problem. Yes, Volkswagen T1, T2 and even T3 had the same engine location. But it was not the best solution. You can google a few weird trucks based on Beetle. But this Volkswagen Beetle Truck looks just awesome. It's a shame, but it's... 3D model :-( Qualitative, well detailed, but 3D model. That guy has such hobby, he creates such awesome 3D that you may google to understand what is it, real car or 3D.

But let's guess this Volkswagen Beetle Truck as a model for inspiration. What if somebody will really build similar project, but it would be already a real car. It would be a real show stopper, which will attract all attention on the street. VW Beetle Truck, shining paint, chrome trim, cool wheels, lowered suspension...
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