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Volkswagen Golf RR480 Clubsport Mk7 Widebody

Let's talk a little about tuning of VW Golf. All we know that a lot of GTIs and Rs have some stage, sometimes else some tuning parts both from famous manufacturers and from not famous manufacturers. Companies like Revo offer a lot of really great tuning kits for VAGs and they work. But what about else more serious solutions?

VW Golf Mk7 which is on a pictures is called Golf RR 480 Clubsport. From its name we understand that it's deeply modified Golf R with 480hp. But this power is inside. Looking on this very hot hatch we see a Golf with awesome wide body kit. And all its parts have some function. Hood with a gill here for better cooling. Wide fenders cover wide wheels which are needed to realise increased power and for better handling. Bumpers and side skirts are looking stunning and they help to cool something as well. Clubsport means that this modified Golf R is ready to present a pure fun on a race track. Roll bar inside confirms it.

But this car has else one negative feature. Don't wait that such cars are cheap or have at least affordable price.
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