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Stanced Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

VW Tiguan Allspace never was so cool as original European Tiguan. I mean look. Rear end looks really strange. I understand that here was an aim to add space inside, but looks weird. And in America it's not fast SUV any more. 184hp... But we have that we have. Anyway, Tiguan, as all popular SUV, is popular on tuning scene too. Here is a stanced Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace.

I may admit that in red (or burgundy) Tiguan, even Allspace, looks awesome. With ceramic coating you can get really stunning look. Larger and wider wheels in a pair with airlift are making their job and this stanced Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace looks amazing. By the way, it's still a practical SUV for everyday using, but on weekend it's a ticket to all cars'n'coffee or other enthusiasts meetings.
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