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Slammed Volkswagen Tiguan 2

Here we have a fully black and slammed Volkswagen Tiguan 2. It's a short European model, which looks much better than long base Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. This design is well balanced. However this VW Tiguan is from South Africa and has some interesting features we may discuss. So, let's take a closer look at this fully black SUV.

Such fully black is a usual styling for some BMW or probably American muscle cars. But this fully black Volkswagen Tiguan 2 looks a little unusual in such styling. And I usually don't like fully black vehicles. Mostly it's due to black wheels. People can install really cool wheels, which can be almost invisible in black color. But here we see black wheels with Bentley badges and these wheels have machined faces. I guess it's the only right solution and I'm glad that owner has made so. Else owner probably wanted to show a huge intercooler behind bumper :-) Air suspension allowed this VW Tiguan 2 just to lay on the road in lower position. And bagged Volkswagen Tiguan looks stunning with such fitment. Now we have a new generation of Tiguan, so this model will get cheaper and more car enthusiasts will tune these vehicles. So, I guess we will meet else more stanced VW Tiguan 2 next years.
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