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Volkswagen Tiguan R 2017 Airlift

Here is awesome brown Volkswagen Tiguan Mk2 with airlift from Geneva, Switzerland. On that moment it was one of first modified VW Tiguan Mk2. When new model only appears there are no tuning parts for it. All you can use are universal aftermarket parts and wheels. But, honestly, even it's enough to build a SUV like this one.

Here are installed not best for this model wheels. But who we are to judge if owner has such taste. As for airlift on this 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan, here all is cool. This VW can get slammed and just lay on the ground, what we basically see on these pictures. Air suspension is working fine, as needed.

By the way, such brown metallic fits this Tiguan. Car looks amazing. Especially after ceramic coating while sunny day.
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