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Stance Volvo 242

Here is a cool green restomod Volvo 242 with stance and else interesting tuning. So, let's take a closer look at oldschool Swedish coupe in more detail.

Today old Volvo often are the cars for esthetes. But there are a lot of fans live in all the world, not only in Sweden. They love their cars and sometimes build really cool tuning projects.

Many tuning projects have a significant exterior or technical tuning. This stance Volvo 242 Coupe is tuned everywhere. As for exterior, it's a coupe in classic green color with lowered suspension and cool 3-piece wheels BBS with polished rims. Here is a cool fitment. You can find else a few interesting things in exterior. But we see a roll-bar though not tinted windows... And on the picture with engine bay we see and engine from BMW with huge turbo. I bet it's M50B25. This engine is powerful enough already in stock and more heavy BMW E34 with such engine is a serious car on the road. I can only imagine how angry can drive this Volvo. Some Volvo fans can judge such choice, but it's restomod. And searching of old turbo engine from Volvo can be difficult.
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