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Tuning Volvo 480

Volvo 480 never was very popular, but now, after around 30 years, it's really rare car. It's a big luck ti see this car on the road. But to see a qualitative tuning project - it's almost impossible. But you see it here.

This is Volvo 480 GT 2.0 with some modifications. On these not so qualitative pictures from some auto show we see a purple lowered Volvo 480 on some interesting wheels. These wheels are custom made, here are used centers from original Renault Espace. Look authentic because car and wheel are from one time. But it's not all close to Renault. This 480 is painted in color from new Espace. And its engine has some connection to Renault as well.

Lowered suspension, large wheels with polished rims, all it makes this already classic Volvo simply awesome. A few tiny changes make a car better, but you still feel this 480 as near stock. And it's amazing. By the way, we have more pictures of this stance Volvo 480.
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