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Stance Volvo S40

Here is a tiny and stylish Swedish racer. Meet, stance Volvo S40 2gen. Compact sedans don't always look proportional. But I guess Volvo succeeded to build a cool and stylish car. So, let's take a closer look at Volvo in more detail.

Actually, this Volvo S40 is a usual stance project because it has both main features. Wheels and fitment. Owner selected original wheels. Probably some would say that he could choose better wheels. But I guess these wheels fit this Volvo. They make this car more unique and it's important when we are talking about tuning. Air suspension allowed to adjust a fitment. In lower position car almost lays on the ground and fenders are laying at outer rims. All other tiny mods are working as well, but they don't have any really significant impact on styling.
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