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Stance Volvo V60

Volvo always built cool wagons. These vehicles had an own styling, face and philosophy. New wagons from Volvo are modern, but they still are unique. And this black Volvo V60 with stance is cool as well. Let's watch this smaller version of Volvo V90 more detailed.

This wagon had a cool styling already from factory. But, as we all know, not small wagons, sedans and coupes are looking much better with lowering. So Volvo's owner did all right. Lowered suspension gave more cool fitment. I guess, owner made the only one mistake. Some people are thinking that black wheels on black car are cool and rude, but almost nobody will notice how cool your wheels are from 10 meters. Even if you have bought some set from Vossen or BBS. If they are black - they are almost invisible. And in the same moment even windows are not tinted here. But even I may to confirm that this stance Volvo V60 looks stunning and in some meaning even unique. Just correct car, cool wheels and lowering. That's all is needed.
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