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Stance Volvo S60R P24

Here we have a cool and elegant Swedish sedan in a cool blue color. Before tuning this car was pretty cool as well. Because it's S60R. But stance Volvo S60R P24 looks else much better. And owner got such result after just a few simple modifications. Does it sound simple? Let's watch in more detail.

Volvo S60 never was so popular like BMW 3-Series or Mercedes C-Class. But this generation was a great car. And these 2 things are making this model a great base for tuning project. Cool and rare version will make your project else more unique. Here is S60R - all done. Further you need just to install another wheels and to make suspension lower. This stance Volvo S60R P24 can almost lay on the road. And it looks cool. Really cool! Air suspension allows this slammed Volvo S60R to look amazing and to adjust fitment. Of course don't forget about comfort of air suspension. As for wheels, they are looking great. But I guess that owner could find something more interesting. But it's just my opinion and every owner may do everything only for own pleasure. Tinted windows are looking good together with this blue color. But this car is from Europe, so front windows are not tinted and it makes a look a little unfinished.
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