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Bagged Volvo V90

Here is an awesome Swedish wagon laying in the sand somewhere in United States. Wagons lose their popularity last decades and customers prefer SUV instead them. But Volvo still produces them. And I may to say that wagon V90 looks much more cool than sedan S90.

This Volvo V90 has a laconic, as all car, modification, which do car more cool for enthusiasts from Car’n’Coffe, but in the same moment car doesn’t lose own face and styling. Silver color fits this car. Lowered suspension makes long wagons more cool. To get all this tuning can offer owner installed the best is possible for lowering – air suspension. Air bags allow to lay on the ground, as on these pictures, to attract attention, to make pictures everywhere and the main – to get pleasure looking on your own car. Off course factory wheels where replaced. Now car stands on much larger and stylish wheels. Such rims looking more interesting and make more unique look. But else they are forged, that has some benefits too.
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