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Tuning Volvo XC90

Here is 2gen Volvo XC90 with a minor tuning from Japan. It's strange (for Japan), but this SUV is not wild or odd (as for west countries). It's styling is more usual for some BMW, but with some differences. This SUV is black, so owner decided to tint windows and replace wheels into larger, more cool forged and finished in gloss black. If it was some BMW X5, its owner already would get blacked chrome trim around side windows, on doors and bumper to get total black vehicle. Anyway, big SUV with "Tor's hummers" DRL looks pretty and in some meaning even aggressive.

However, this tuning Volvo XC90 looks quite cool. But the main, this Volvo doesn't has any traditional Japanese tuning and looks in European style. Stylish but without any disputable things.
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