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Tuning Audi E-Tron 2020

While Americans buy Tesla more than other electric cars. And I will not be surprised that some Americans even don't know other EVs beside Tesla. If you are from such people - meet most popular EV in Norway! Yes, other classic manufacturers are already producing EV. And yes, in some countries Tesla isn't most popular!
Audi E-Tron can be a real competitor for Tesla. And in the same moment it's Audi that means better painting quality, better materials in interior with better assembling. Tesla was first who made EV available, but they may become better because now they are not only one on market.
At this moment it's not clear how electric cars can be tuned. And it's not clear situation with lowering because batteries are located on bottom and it can be dangerous. But even now we can at least replace wheels! Wrap a car in a film with a color by taste is available way too.
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