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Volkswagen Golf GTI 3dr Mk7

Here is an interesting VAG. Yes, it’s just Golf GTI Mk7, but… This is 3-door Golf and here is installed widebody kit. Let’s see this VW more detailed.

Most part of Golf 7 was 5-door hatchbacks or wagons. So, 3dr hatches, like this one, are rare. And it’s GTI, pure “hot hatch”. Even in stock it’s a cool and rare car. But what if get this Golf modified? For example, for track.

It seems, that this Golf GTI was seriously prepared for funny weekends on a track, but all we see are wide body kit on rivets, lightweight and wide wheels. And inside we see roll-bar and modified shifter of manual transmission. I’m sure this Golf has some stage under its hood. Many Golfs, driving on the streets, have at least loaded firmware for more power. But this car is for track. Or for canyons in California. It would be stupid to keep this car with stock power.
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